Know why we celebrate World Labor Day, and the story behind celebrating Labor Day.

Celebrating Labor Day began in the late 1800s, which was celebrated informally by labor leaders.

World Labor Day was legally recognized by Oregon for the first time in 1887. But by the end of 1887, Colorado, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York also started celebrating Labor Day.

After which Labor Day started being celebrated every year on 1st May all over the world.

what is the meaning of labor day?

Labor Day means that on this day workers from all over the world celebrate their day, and if someone is being exploited, then they also raise their voice against it.

What is the purpose of celebrating Labor Day?

The main objective of celebrating Labor Day was to organize the unorganized workers, so that they could fight against injustice together with their own union.

Overall, Labor Day is like a weapon in protest against atrocities against workers around the world.

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