Rishi Sunak has lost the prime ministerial election in Britain, and his opposition candidate liz truss has won.

But many meanings are coming out of his defeat, today we will discuss the main reasons for his defeat.

First, Rishi Sunak was of Indian origin, due to which the opposition projected him as an outsider. While Truce is of UK origin.

Second, his wife has been accused of black money and corruption many times, which has made the people of Britain not trust her.

Third, Rishi Sunak's wealth is also very high, due to which people feel that Rishi Sunak cannot bring economic reforms in Britain.

Fourth, at the time of Boris Johnson's resignation, Johnson was most opposed by Rishi Sunak, so that he could not win the confidence of the members of the Conservative Party.

Apart from this, Liz Truss had a good hold on the leaders of the country, he also got the benefit of being indigenous.