There is a secret to the longevity of Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II dies at age 96

It is not so easy to live for almost a century.

She had some rules behind her age, which she strictly followed.

So let us now know the real secret behind his long life and those 10 rules.

The queen used to take her breakfast every day at 8:30 in the morning.

The queen used to keep a pet dog with her, which used to amuse her.

Rani was also very fond of horse riding, which is a good exercise.

Taking tea in the morning is a good habit which the queen had.

The queen used to take snacks but in very small quantities.

Apart from this, the queen was of a swan-faced nature, she was often seen smiling.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth had always had a happy relationship.

The queen had a full family which was enough to keep her happy.

Rani was very much in love with nature, where she used to spend a lot of time.

Apart from this, Rani always did noble deeds in her life, whose blessings were also received.