What if King Charles III gave up the throne and handed it over to Prince William?

First of all, let us tell you that King Charles has not given any indication of leaving the throne.

But due to the low popularity of King Charles, such estimates are being made.

Since the divorce from Princess Diana, there was a desire in the minds of people to make Prince William the ruler.

This can happen only in two circumstances, the first being that King Charles is proved incapable.

Second, if Charles voluntarily resigns from office. But the chances of second circumstance are very less.

If King Charles voluntarily steps down, the throne will go to his successor, Prince William.

But leaving office by the king will be considered as neglect of duty, so it is very less likely.

When King Edward stepped down, it was seen as a constitutional crisis, causing a lot of uproar.

Apart from this, some people also believe that Prince William lacks experience. He has been close to power only for some time.