Some important information related to the leak of GTA 6 game that every game lover should know.

GTA 6 is a video game made for a computer.

GTA 6 is made by Rockstar games, the company of the famous game GTA 5.

GTA 6 is the only game of the GTA series, which gamers were waiting for a long time.

Recently a hacker has leaked the GTA 6 game. He uploaded around 90 gameplay clips of the game on social media.

Through GTAForums, a hacker named teapotuberhacker has claimed that these clips are from GTA 6.

Although we do not testify to the veracity of these clips, but a large section of social media is believing it to be true.

It is believed that 'GTA 6' has been under development since 2014, so it is reasonable to expect that the development snapshot will be from various builds over the years.

Due to the leak of GTA 6, there is a state of excitement among the game lovers.

Our team hope GTA 6 is released soon and we can all enjoy it.