Eliza Fletcher has been kidnapped and murdered by the criminal. Today we are going to know about Eliza Fletcher.

eliza fletcher who is she?

Eliza Fletcher was the granddaughter of a billionaire grandmother and a teacher in the area. who was working in the field of education.

On Friday, he was kidnapped while jogging near the University of Memphis campus.

She was the granddaughter of the late Joseph Orgil III, who had an estimated net worth of over $3 billion. Because of him about 5000+ people got employment.

But Ms Fletcher worked as a junior kindergarten teacher at St. Mary's Episcopal School instead of in the family business.

Eliza Fletcher went missing around 4:00 pm, with her family holding a reward of USD 5k for finding it.

Although the kidnapper named Cleotha Abston has been arrested by the police, on whom many kidnapping cases are going on in the past.

May Her Soul Rest In Peace.