A teacher in Florida has been fired on the basis of a viral Tik Tok video.

This teacher has been removed on the basis of viral video on Tik Tok.

In the video, the teacher is seen warning the student for not standing during the Pledge of Allegiances.

Since Wednesday, this video has been viewed more than 160,000 times on Tik Tok.

The school spokesman said that the teacher has been removed.

In the viral video, it can be seen how the child is being scolded for not saluting the flag.

In the video the teacher says, "You gonna sit on your butt there?"

The teacher says, "If you want to do something, just get up and do it"

The teacher continues, "Then go back to yourself... Where are you from? Mexico or Guatemala? Where?"

The student says, "I was born here, we are residents of this place."

In response, the teacher says, "If you were born here, why don't you stand for the flag?"

The school committee said that we condemn any discrimination.