Presidents Cup 2022: Moments, Locations and Sounds Better Than Quail Hollow

We saw that Max Homa's shot would have gone straight into the water had luck not favored him.

Max Homa's shot hit the rock instead of going into the water

Had that shot not hit the stone, it would have gone into the water and it would not have happened what happened today.

The wind was blowing at the Quail Hollow Club. Xander Schauffele had to remove his hat before hitting his second shot from the No. 13 fairway.

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Jack Nicklaus himself was the head of the US President's Cup team four times, and Gary Player captained three teams.

Nicklaus was the captain in 1998, the only time the Americans have lost the opportunity.

All in all, the 2022 Presidents Cup is a boon for golf lovers.

Hope you have enjoyed the 2022 Presidents Cup.